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Cauliflower Hash Browns

Cauliflower Hash BrownsMade with Cauliflower

A low carb twist on traditional hash browns that are healthy, quick and easy to make

Carbs 12

Kcals 205

Veg Servings 1

Full Recipe
Chocco Cauli Oats

Chocco Cauli OatsMade with Cauliflower

The mix of oats, Riced Cauliflower, vegan protein, dark chocolate and hazelnut milk makes this plant based breakfast bowl such a treat!

Carbs 44g

Kcals 296

Veg Servings 1

Full Recipe
Sweet Potato & Blueberry Flapjack Bars

Sweet Potato & Blueberry Flapjack BarsMade with Sweet Potato

Sweet potato in a flapjack? Why yes, we say! This recipe contains oats, dates and seeds with cashew butter, sweet potato and blueberries creating a seriously delicious flavor combo.

Carbs 29g

Kcals 169

Veg Servings 0

Full Recipe
Cocoa & Banana Porridge

Cocoa & Banana PorridgeMade with Cocoa & Banana

A sweet and satisfying breakfast bowl loaded with protein and nutrient-rich banana and veg.

Carbs 33g

Kcals 526

Veg Servings 2

Full Recipe
Cinnamon Apple Porridge

Cinnamon Apple PorridgeMade with Apple & Cinnamon

A delicious, gently spiced breakfast loaded with extra apple and cinnamon. The tahini makes it extra creamy whilst the granola and chopped nuts add a crunchy texture.

Carbs 25g

Kcals 355

Veg Servings 1

Full Recipe
Coconut Cauli Oats

Coconut Cauli OatsMade with Cauliflower

Introducing our low-carb, dairy-free and grain-free alternative to oats: ‘Cauli Oats’! 
This delicious grain-free start to the day will satisfy you whilst keeping your carb intake low.

Carbs 6g

Kcals 75

Veg Servings 1

Full Recipe

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