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Our partnership with TerraCycle launches!

We believe that food without waste is the pinnacle of a bright and sustainable future.

Our mission has always been to supply veggies that make it easy for people to get the nutrition they need. And whilst our unique shelf stable method of production serves this goal well, we know there is work to be done on our plastic packaging to help us meet our Sustainability Goals.

Step in Terracycle! These recycling masters have one over-arching goal - to eliminate waste by repurposing hard-to-recycle materials into new products.

We're truly inspired by the work these guys are doing and are delighted to announce that from the end of March our customers in the US and the UK will be able to recycle Fullgreen packaging by simply posting the used pouches back to Terracycle.

Totally free, simple, waste-saving and easy to use, you simply request a recycling pack from our website, wait until you've eaten your veggies and pop them in a postal box where they'll be broken down and repurposed into new and useful products.

Good nutrition in our bodies with less waste going to landfill. It's a win for us humans AND the planet we inhabit, wouldn't you agree?

Request a recycling pack here.

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