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Shelf Stable and Ready to Eat 

There’s no getting away from it – life is hectic these days. Whether it’s the 7am race to get the kids to school or the mad dash to sort lunch between meetings, time is an increasingly limited resource for many of us.

At Fullgreen we know how important nourishing and healthy food is to keep us striding positively through this modern world. But we also understand it can often take a back seat. Time pressures mean we’re rarely in the kitchen together and spending hours prepping a home cooked meal is a luxury confined to the weekends. We need quick and easy options – and fast!

At least 79 million ready meals and 22 million fast-food and takeaway meals are eaten weekly by adults in the UK. The problem is these foods are often laden with processed ingredients and saturated fats, so the time you gain is often at the expense of your health.

We wanted to provide a healthier way of grabbing a quick bite on the go so we created a range of shelf stable, clean label food that provides fuel when you need it most. No refrigeration, no lengthy cooking times – just simple, uncomplicated veg, breakfasts and meals that you can grab from the pantry and take into your day.

Unlike some food manufacturers, we don’t use additives or preservatives to make our products shelf stable. Our advanced steaming process means all the good stuff (including the vitamins and minerals our bodies love) are locked into the pouch, bringing you all the plentiful benefits of veg with a massive dose of convenience at the same time.

It’s about providing tasty and convenient options that contribute to your 5 a day and help you feel great (even if you’re having a beast of a day!). NEARLY TWO THIRDS OF POPULATION DO NOT EAT 5-A-DAY, it’s clear to see we can all do with more of the good stuff in our diets…

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