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What does non-GMO mean?

There’s so many different terms thrown around in the food world, sometimes feel like you need a food encyclopedia to explain it all! One classic example you might see on product labelling is ‘non-GMO’.

The term GMO (genetically modified organism) means that the genetic material of the plants and animals used in a product has been altered from its natural state for the purposes of food production. So when you see a food labelled ‘non GMO’ it means exactly the opposite – the genetic make-up of the plants and animals used to make the product has not been modified to get it onto supermarket shelves.

We’re pretty hot on this topic at Fullgreen because we REALLY like food that’s clean, natural and un-tampered with. For us, there’s too many question marks around genetically modified food products and their impact on our health. Yet, the use of them in food production is worryingly sky high.

A shocking 80 per cent of maize and soya beans, which are the main sources of food for cattle, are now GM due to the global nature of food sold in British supermarkets. * Whilst these foods might be quick to rustle up and tasty to eat, they are ultimately made from organisms that are not produced by nature and therefore, not recognized by our bodies.

The real problem is the jury’s out as to how GMO crops can impact human health. Multiple studies over the past decade have revealed that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to farmers, human health, domesticated animals, wildlife and the environment. But despite these long-term risks, we’re yet to witness any real methods of managing them responsibly.

Our natural steaming process means we don’t need to rely on GMO’s (or indeed additives and preservatives) to get our products safely onto supermarket shelves. It’s important to us that we provide products that aren’t just convenient, but beneficial to health too. The ingredients we use have been grown naturally throughout history – bringing plenty of vitamins and nutrients to our plates without the interference of manmade ingredients. We let nature do the growing whilst we do the ricing. That’s the real power of veg!

*US Center for Food Safety

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