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What is Clean Label?

The term ‘clean label’ is used a lot in the food world. Just the very sound of it seems to induce reassurance in our minds that we are purchasing a healthy, beneficial product. But what is it exactly and what does it mean when foods are labelled ‘clean’?

The truth is there is no solid definition of ‘clean labels’, but the idea behind them is a positive stride towards foods that contain recognisable, wholesome ingredients with no artificial chemicals, contaminants or preservatives. Clean label foods will, in most cases, use fewer ingredients, many of which we will recognise from the pantry at home.

Here at Fullgreen, we pride ourselves on using clean, wholesome and preservative free ingredients - making sure you get 100% of the good stuff and none of the bad. We believe food tastes better when it’s less tampered with, so we use the simplest ingredients. From 100% cauliflower in our Riced Cauliflower, to a varied combination of coconut milk, veg, fruit and spices in our Riced Ideas & Best Morning Ever ranges.

Globally, our interest in clean label is on a meteoric rise with the clean label ingredients market projected to be valued at a mammoth $41 billion by 2024. As such, we’ve become naturally more inquisitive as consumers. We want to know what ingredients mean, where they’re sourced from, how natural they are and most importantly, what the nutritional benefit is.

Despite this rise, there is still work to be done to ensure complete traceability and honesty around clean label. Disparities still exist between the definition of food safety in the minds of consumers and federal food safety regulations. But as demand for clean label grows, we’re likely to see a tightening in the laws around the sourcing of ingredients and food labelling which will inject a renewed sense of confidence into the market.

Ethically sourced, wholesome ingredients. Industrial and environmental testing. Clearer labelling for consumers. Companies doing the right thing. That’s the future of clean label. And we’re happy to be paving the way!

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