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The Keto diet has gained huge strides in recent years for helping people with their weight loss goals. But the low carbohydrate, high fat diet can provide other health benefits too, as Vinita Brand, a mum of two from London, found. 

We know Keto as an eating plan that focuses on eating foods high in healthy fats, moderate amounts of protein and low in carbohydrates. Eating this way, and consuming more calories from fat rather than carbohydrates, has proven to support weight loss. But it can also lower blood glucose levels for people with diabetes AND lower the risk of developing diabetes too. 

Whilst it’s not for everyone, it’s become a way of life for many people who have had huge success following a keto diet – just like Vinita.

Vinita had always enjoyed a balanced diet but it was during her first pregnancy that numerous health issues surfaced, prompting her to address her lifestyle. 

“In my first pregnancy I discovered I was lactose intolerant and that I had gut bacteria. Years prior to this I was told I had IBS and Keratosis Pilaris. Then two years later, in my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes”.

“It was then I knew I needed to make a change in my lifestyle to optimise my health. I knew that I needed to remove high sugar and high carbohydrate foods from my diet to improve my overall health, lower my blood glucose levels and improve my IBS symptoms. I had heard about the Keto diet for weight loss but I had also heard about how it could help to lower blood glucose levels too”. 

Switching to a low carbohydrate diet, rich in nutrient-dense whole-foods, healthy fats and plant-based fibre has had a huge impact on Vinita. After the first two weeks she started to feel more energetic, her sugar cravings had subsided, she no longer felt uncomfortable and bloated and it just so happened that she had lost weight too. 

“After a lot of research I knew that following a low carbohydrate, predominantly plant-based lifestyle, rich in healthy fats and whole foods would prove to have health and wellness benefits. But I had no idea just how huge those benefits could be! My focus is to nourish my body in the best way I can through nutrient-dense whole foods. By doing this I have already successfully lowered my blood glucose levels and I enjoy better clarity and focus too. I also feel more energetic and I know when I truly feel hungry because I am better at listening to my body and eating intuitively.” 

Vinita has reduced her intake of animal based protein and has increased her intake of plant-based protein. She incorporates a variety of plant based foods which are high in fibre. 

“A diet rich in fiber is needed for a healthy gut which, in turn, leads to improved digestion, an improved immune system and a reduction in inflammation. So my IBS symptoms are now reduced dramatically and the keratosis pillaris which I suffered from for years is now greatly improved too”. 

As we all know, with any dietary change comes a dramatic change in meal-planning, cooking and eating. For Vinita, this was an opportunity to really hone her cooking skills and she is now a total pro at creating all sorts of colourful, immune-boosting and blood-glucose balancing dishes! 

A true Fullgreen Riced Cauliflower fan, Vinita uses it in all sorts of dishes to bring extra nutrition to her plates. One scroll through her Instagram feed (@cravingsandcauliflowers) and it is instantly apparent that this is a lady who loves to cook! From layered buddha bowls to baked egg plant dishes and tahini and pomegranate salads, the nourishing dishes on display are reflective of Vinita’s healthy keto way of life. 

Motivated by health, rather than just weight loss, and powered by a healthy keto lifestyle, Vinita’s story shows that you can create true and long-lasting change when you give it your all! Head to @cravingsandcauliflowers to find out more about Vinita and pick up some recipe inspiration whilst you’re there!   

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