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An easy switch to help you smash your health goals

Less carbs, tasty meals, happy tummies, no bloating, and absolutely ZERO diversions from overall weight loss goals. There’s a lot to gain from switching out rice for Fullgreen in your meals. 

We challenged three ladies to exchange the carby white stuff for light n fluffy Fullgreen Cauliflower Rice in seven dinners. Not only did they consume less carbs and calories (and felt great as a result), they made some cracking meals too….

A question of carbs

Lowering carbs has been shown to support weight loss. Whether you’re diabetic, a keto convert or simply looking to lower your weekly carb intake – there are multiple benefits to getting that carb-o-meter of yours down. 

And introducing easy switches like cauli rice is a great place to start! 

Similar in texture and appearance to white rice, cauliflower is a brilliant low glycaemic food that can curb blood sugar spikes, help control weight AND lower the risk of diabetes. It also provides a filling, satisfying meal – ensuring you leave the table feeling satiated, not hungry for more. 

7 meal switches with Fullgreen equates to 256g carbs saved. Take it to 30 days of meals and you’ll save 1,097g carbs! And that’s before we even get started on the calorie saves...

The Verdicts

Tempted to make the switch for 7 days to see how much better you can feel? Don’t take our word for it – read the testimonials from Maria, Tess and Amie below and check out their recipes to give their Fullgreen dishes a go!

Maria (weight_loss_panda):

"I used the cauliflower rice instead of my usual 100g basmati rice. Being only 40 calories and 6g of carbs, it saved me around 150 calories and 30g of carbs for exactly the same portion. I’m blown away with how tasty this is - and it’s absolutely going to be a firm lunch stable - I’m super full and have a happy tummy and happy taste buds. 

The texture was slightly different to rice… but in a new, tasty way. I’m absolutely going to be reaching for the veggie rice with my chilli again.”

I have changed the way I eat recently, focusing more on foods that are volume heavy but low in calories like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and courgettes. I like that I can eat larger volumes or these foods whilst keeping my calories down, helping to keep me fuelled and focused on my health goals.” 

Try Maria’s recipes:

Amie from @what_amieeats_sw

“The cauliflower rice is completely syn free and makes an extra easy meal. It tasted so nice and I was stuffed after my meal too! Fullgreen has been a bit of a game changer for me - I love that I’m getting more vegetables into my diet without the hassle of prepping."

try Amie's recipes:-

Tess from @slimmer_tess

"I follow a slimming group as well as calorie count and I love to use Fullgreen as a replacement for rice. It’s very filling, tastes so good and keeps me on track. I can’t get enough of them.”

Try Tess' meal idea below by heating the cauli rice and enjoying it with a bolognese or curry! Extra veg on the side is a great way to increase your daily nutrition. 

There's a huge range of low carb, low calorie recipes on our website. From breakfasts and snacks to meal prep, lunches, mains and deserts - pick out some favourites to cook this week. 

Fullgreen v White Rice | Recipes

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