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Helpful tips and delicious recipes to help make a success of plant-based living

From ethical, social and economical reasons to improved health and weight loss, there are multiple reasons why folks choose a plant-based lifestyle. It’s a personal journey for many, but the common thread that makes veganism stick is of course, the food…

Taste and convenience are central to the plant-based experience. Coupled with an open mind and a willingness to explore new recipes and you can dive straight into the beating heart of veganism, where flavors sing and taste buds come alive.   

But it’s not an easy transition for everyone. Learning to cook vegan, understanding how to tweak your favorite meals and working with new types of ingredients takes time and effort, but as these 8 plant-based pro’s show – it’s totally doable with huge gains to be enjoyed along the way… 

Read their words of wisdom below and pick up some ideas for your weekly meal plan with our 5 easy recipe suggestions. 

Tamika from @plantbasedtamika

“I always tell people when you’re switching to a plant-based diet, remember the 3 Ps: Planning, Preparation and Pinterest! Also remember your why.”

Richard from @mindfulgrub

“Seven years ago, I embarked on a plant-based journey for my health. I was surprised that, what I thought could be a restrictive lifestyle, actually opened a world of new foods and flavours I had never tried. This made food exciting, and an opportunity to get creative!” 

Abby & Imo from @plantbasedgays

“Before we started living on a plant-based diet, we had no idea what Tempeh was - and we thought Tofu was plain, and boring! The best advice we can give to anybody looking to live a vegan/plant-based life is to try new things and explore alternative foods - we feel like our tastebuds have expanded so much by trying new products and recipes (many of which contain Tempeh and Tofu!)

Another great tip for plant-based beginners is to make the same classic recipes you’re used to and love, but veganize them. Making a chilli? Replace the mince with Fullgreen’s Riced Sweet Potato. Fancy a cheesy pasta? Just replace the dairy for a plant-based version! Some vegan products can be quite expensive, but if you find the alternatives that are cheaper or well worth the money - it’s a lot easier than you think to make that swap.”

Photo credit: @stephaniedreamsphotography

Tom at @plantbasedbloke

“My main advice for adopting a plant-based diet is to make the dishes you know and love, but simply swap to like-for-like Vegan ingredients. This worked perfectly for me as it never felt I was missing out on the food I enjoyed despite drastically changing my diet for the better. I now eat predominantly wholefoods, but mock meats & dairy alternatives are amazing.” 

Kari at @plantbasedyummies

“Eating plant based is easy…just think simple. I love to make Buddha bowls with my favorite veggies, grains and plant protein with a yummy sauce…it doesn’t get any easier than that. Keep it interesting by trying new foods and flavours. If you feel like eating potatoes and broccoli, google recipes with those veggies to see if anything new and interesting comes up. Don’t think of it as a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

Jade at @unvirtuousvegan

“I love how easily accessible plant-based living is now. I find that a good balance between quick and easy oven foods and some more wholesome foods is what keeps me going. With a growing family it’s important to provide them with things that are nutritious but also fun. Sometimes it’s also good to replicate what our meat-eating counterparts are eating too.”

Elle at @veganbunnychef

“Try not to see it as “joining a diet”, rather, take it as an opportunity to explore and get back in touch with yourself and what you, as a living human are really designed to eat. Take inspirations from a variety of cultures and cuisines and get ready to embrace all the exciting new flavors and colors coming to your plate.”

Recipes to get you started


This meat-free chilli uses plant-based mince with tomatoes and spices to bring some big flavors. Pair it with Fullgreen Riced Cauliflower & Broccoli and you have yourself one nutrient-packed dinner. 

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EVERYBODY needs a great mac & cheese in life and this vegan version is one of the tastiest we’ve tried. Enjoy it as a side or make a bigger batch and enjoy as a main with extra vegan cheese on top. 

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The spices and flavors in this cauliflower mince are so intense, you certainly won’t miss the meat. Make the mince, bean salad and tahini dressing in advance and bundle it all together in one warm, veg-packed wrap for a comforting, nutritious dinner. 

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Low carb, low calorie and brimming with flavor, this easy curry contains 3 portions of veg per serving. Batch make this in advance for a healthy, hearty mid-week meal. 

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Share these crunchy bites with friends or enjoy them as part of a main meal with salad and an extra pouch of Riced Cauliflower.

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