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Global recipes with a Fullgreen twist!

We're heading to some of the World's biggest food destinations this month - starting with Nigeria, Mexico and The Philippines – three countries rich in history, culture (and of course, delicious food).

We love how food permeates different cultures and brings a sense of celebration to tables across the world. But we also know that the modern diet can make traditional rice dishes tricky to tolerate for some folks. 

So - we’ve taken three traditional, celebrated rice-based dishes and spun them on their head to bring you three low carb, high flavour options to slam onto that weekly meal plan. 

No rice. No bloat. Extra veg and a seriously satisfying meal to chow down on. Grab your passport and join us on a foodie trip of a lifetime! 

MEXICAN AL PASTOR by @piastromexicankitchen

Fiery and feisty, this punchy al pastor cauli rice delivers some seriously big and memorable flavours. Created in 1930s Mexico by Lebanese immigrants who introduced the region to classic shawarma, Al pastor was traditionally served in flour tortillas with lamb. 

This version by cookbook author, Claudia, however is all about the veg! Fusing a Courgette & Corn salad with an Al pastor infused Cauliflower Rice, it brings all the flavors to your table in one texture-rich, decadent dish. 

Prep them for lunch, cook them up for your crew or, if you’re lucky enough to be in Mexico City, take Claudia’s advice and enjoy them after a party in the middle of the evening when the night has more surprises in store… 


NIGERIAN JOLLOF RICE by @simshomekitchen

The origins of jollof rice can be traced to the north of Senegal, West Africa which was part of the Jolof Empire in the 14th Century. Thought to have been accidentally created by a Senegalese cook – the dish acquired the name ‘Jollof’ during a barley shortage when the cook switched out barley for the local ingredient – rice! 

Cooked in a single pot with rice, shellfish, vegetables, tomatoes and spices, this recipe by Jen at @simshomekitchen stays true to the original method and brings chicken in as a source of protein. Jen has been making Jollof since her teens when her mom showed her how to make it for the first time and we love how she makes the tomato sauce first, allowing the cauli rice to sink in and lap up those zingy flavours. 



Adobo is a staple of Filipino foodie culture that harks back centuries. Meaning ‘marinade’ in Spanish, the dish was coined ‘adobo’ by Spanish immigrants in the 16th century who witnessed the traditional Filipino method of adding flavour to meat. 

Traditionally cooked in clay pots, Adobo has evolved into multiple varieties over the decades – including this low carb, Tofu based recipe by Filipino foodie, Yasmin at!

Rich in flavour but low in carbs, it is cooked in creamy coconut milk and spices to bring all the satisfying flavors to dinner time. Yasmin makes this with Tofu but you can switch up the protein to make it your own. 


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