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Veg for breakfast. Join the revolution!

We need a minimum of 5 portions of vegetables a day to support good health so it makes sense to start early right? 

Veg is naturally low in fat and calories whilst being important sources of nutrients like potassium, fibre, folate and Vitamins A, C and E. Together these perform little miracles in our bodies, like keeping eyes and skin healthy, protecting our bodies against infection, lowering our risk of Type 2 Diabetes and protecting against some types of cancer.

The majority of people in the UK don't get enough veg in their diet. The latest information from the British Dietetic Association suggests that a mere 8% of children and 27% of adults actually achieve the fruit & veg recommended intake of 5 servings per day.

We’re on a mission to promote more veg and fruit in people’s diets and realise that taste, flavour and convenience plays a huge part in promoting healthier eating habits. No mess, no fuss, just easy veg that can be stirred into your morning oatmeal and pancake batters, baked in a muffin or added to overnight oats.

A few extra veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you’ll be flying the flag for great nutrition (and feeling great) in no time.

Try these great breakfast recipes to get the good stuff in first thing. From quick and easy Cauliflower oats to Pancakes and Muffins – there’s something here for every member of the family:
• Coconut Cauli Oats
• Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffins
• Overnight Oats
• Sweet Pancakes
• Chocco Cauli Oats
• Savory Pancakes

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